Feb 3, 2015

when high fashion and quilted textiles meet

Quilted textiles and high fashion have always inspired one another. But this Spring 2015 collection from Valentino takes these ideas to a whole new level. Valentino's collection was inspired by Shakespeare, Dante's "Inferno"... and one of my favorite artists, Marc Chagall. I never would have thought to pull inspiration from these 3 luminaries all at once, but the results are just stunning. Almost every look in the collection features some small applique or embroidery. And several of the pieces are flat out refereces to quilted patterns and quitled folk art.

I found these so unusual, and so fashion forward and even wearable, that I thought it would be interesting to share them here.

In this one below, the model is pratically wearing a whole quilt for her skirt.
And this one could definitely be an art quilt in my house. Or, I would totally wear this dress. It works both ways. I love it and the Chagall reference is a nice surprise. 
Look at the applique detail on this vest. It is leather with a shearling lining. Not sure how wearable this one is, but it looks amazing on the runway.


  1. These are some awesome designs, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Good finds. I enjoy looking at unusual and beautiful wearable fibre arts, sometimes focusing on the textiles and costumes in a movie rather than the actual storyline....