Feb 6, 2015

Celtic Cross almost finished

The pieced Celtic Cross art quilt I've been working on for the past 6 months is almost done!

The picture above is a vintage handkerchief in an embroidery hoop - a work in progress still! I've added vintage lace in a Celtic loop design that mimics the design on my cross, and I'm in the process of hand beading it. This will be tacked on to the finished cross - right in the the center.

Here is a photo of the inspiration (left) and the work in progress cross (right).

Next week I'll be posting the final finished piece. I have an appointment next week with a professional fine art photographer to photograph this - so I have a deadline to meet! 

Since the whole thing is white on white, it is very difficult to photograph properly.  Each time I try, the color turns creamy or gray... or some other mushy color. So I'm hoping a professional photographer with the proper lighting will know how to handle this. A a professional photo is critical since I am entering this in a big competition.

More on all this next week! Stay tuned.

Here is my previous post on this particular journey - from Nov 2014.

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  1. I am so thrilled that this is nearing completion! I can't wait to see it. I can sympathize with the difficulties in photographing a white quilt- I've done a couple and it's really awful. Cutouts are hard too since you want them to look like cutouts (and not just fabric the color of the background) but don't want obvious stuff showing behind them. Good luck finishing!!!

  2. Beautiful! It's not the same as St. Martin's Cross...which I saw on Iona (Scotland -- Western Hebrides) some years back...but it nonetheless takes me back there...

  3. I want to look closer at this - Beautiful work!

  4. Many many years ago my Danish grandmother taught me how to make linen handkerchiefs by pulling threads. They were beautiful. I didn't apprepciate them then and wish she could show me more now. Your work is beautiful