Jan 31, 2015

embroidery plans for Superbowl Weekend

Here's a photo sure to amuse all you 'Juno Blizzard surviving New Englanders'. It's 42 degrees in Houston and I'm sitting by the fire doing embroidery. Yes, I have the fire going and yes, 42 degrees is cold. Don't take my word for it, just ask the dog.

Don't know about the Juno Blizzard? Here's some serious snow pics from Fun With Barb - a blog I've followed for years.

Speaking of the dog... I must take this Super Saturday opportunity (translation? Super Bowl Weekend) to tell you the dog goes by the name Tom. Short for Tombrady. Oh yes I did!! I named him after New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. I mean what's not to love about this guy?


He's talented, attractive, dedicated, competitive, fierce. Did I mention attractive and talented? Need I go on?

In fact, want to know what to buy a Patriots/Packers/Texans fan quilter for Christmas? Here's the answer. My favorite gift this year. From my son. Good call Son. You picked the winners.

me wearing No. 12!
Okay... still with me? Back to the embroidery.  I've decided to cover my improv double wedding ring in tons of hand embroidery. I am thrilled with the work so far. I know this is going to be a long, slow road. But sometimes you just gotta slow down and do the handwork.
cast on stitch. aren't those fun?
satin stitch (white) and tiny back stitches around the hearts
The right tools always help too. I just discovered these embroidery / milliner needles from Sue Spargo. The length is perfect... not too thick and very sharp. Makes each stitch so much easier because you have a lot more control with the longer needle.

So, while I stitch away this Superbowl Weekend... one Tom Brady will rule the gridiron. The other Tombrady will just rule the rug.


  1. Wow. If those delicate embroidery stitches don't epitomize Japanese quilting, I don't know what does! Astounding! Can't comment to football stuff. . .the only time I pay attention to that sport is when my beloved Aggies are playing ;-)

  2. Your stitches are just beautiful! They are going to take your wonderful quilt to the whole next level.

  3. pretty stitching! stay warm, lol.
    you must be thrilled with the Super Bowl.....I was rooting for the other guys -

  4. Nice embroidery!

    I'm running another fabric giveaway, and you are welcome to enter!

  5. The embroidery stitches look great- I especially love those dimensional cast-on stitches. I've done some wrapped embroidery stitches before but never that one. I'll have to find some instructions for it! Sorry if you get this twice- my computer was being weird.

  6. Wow, this will be one beautiful quilt !