Jan 13, 2015

a new start - an 'improv' double wedding ring

The fabric is here. The idea is settled. The pattern drawn. Only thing missing? Time to work!

Keiko Goke designs. Made in Japan by Yuwa.
I've started a new large art quilt - a double wedding ring made with no pattern, and limited use of the ruler - all 'improv' so to speak.  All of the fabrics are imported from Japan (purchased on Etsy at Fabric Party) and were designed by Keiko Goke --- she is one of the many talented artists featured in my upcoming book and I thought it would be fun to create a quilt in her style. 

The book pictured in the first photo is Keiko Goke's latest book in English. Last year I reviewed it here.
This is my inspiration!

Keiko Goke. My Double Wedding Ring, 2008. 
Cotton: 88 x 87 in. (224 x 220 cm.) 
Machine pieced, hand embroidery, machine quilted.
Here's a very rough pattern of the block. This is not really a template... I plan to freehand cut and sew, but I needed something to gauge whether the blocks were in the vicinity of the size I needed.

The center of each wedding ring block will be wool! I found these beautiful colorful cuts at my local quilt store. So happy with these selections.

More to come as I finish the blocks and piece this one together. 


  1. Those fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! And a welcome counterpoint to these gray cold days. Can't wait to watch this quilt progress :-)

  2. Wowsa!!! I cannot wait to see this one!!

  3. This is going to be great. I'm excited to see how it goes, I love those bright colors. Are you going to embroider on the wool centers? Why'd you decide on wool?

  4. This fabric is absolutely gorgeous ! I really like the idea of improv too !