Dec 31, 2014

one last post... then off to the new year

If Tiffany's sold pin cushions, this would be their cover girl. It is Awe! Some!

And I was the lucky gal who was given this little work of art for Christmas. My quilt buddy Amy G. made it for me. Apparently I choose the wools during Quilt Fest. I knew she kept asking me ... "do you like this one or that one...?" and I kept answering. I should have known something was up, cuz usually she just buys exactly what she wants. Hey, don't we all?  

Anyway. This little bird looks to me like he is having a party for one... which makes me think of New Year's Eve.  Have a fun and safe party, where ever you are.

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  1. Happy New Year from Niagara Fals. I can't wait until my sewing room gets put back together. We refinished the hardwood floors and we are installing crown moulding before I can move everything back in so when I ache to sew I read all my favourite bloggers! You inspire me and your pin cushion makes me want to pull out all my jewel tones and create some Blocks