Nov 27, 2014

happy turkey day America

here's my thought for the day....

Or, as the case may be for this day... eat more turkey!

I made this quilt a few weeks just for fun. As you can see, it goes with the black and white Texas theme... and if my cow art quilt could talk - I imagine this is what he would say.

This was fun and easy to make... and it is a great throw quilt for watching TV.

Full explanation: If you're "not from 'round here" as we say... these words (and the way they are spelled) are part of a funny series of TV commercials from a chicken sandwich fast food chain. The cows even have their own website and Facebook page!

The letters are formed from strips of scraps I cut and stitched free form - no rulers. Then I used the freezer paper method to cut the letters. These are raw edge, then fused. A true quilt in a day method!