Nov 1, 2014

a few friends & family photos from Festival

Here's my "dear diary" post from the Houston International Quilt Festival.... this may interest only me, but here goes anyway. 
My best quilt buddy Amy G. and I start off day one right!
I had so many wonderful friends and family who took time to come to Quilt Fest and see my art quilt on view, I wanted to collect all the photos and memories in one place. It was all so surreal... loved every moment. (Photos are in no particular order.)

The husband and his fancy red car. He was just awesome... drove me to Festival EVERYDAY!
Even went back one day and picked up my mom, aunt, and two friends. Thanks Husband!
At Quilt Market, I got to meet Amy Butler. Love her vibe!

At Quilt Market, I also got to meet and chat with fellow blogger pal Emily Breclaw.
She is pictured in front of her beautiful quilt she created for the Hoffman Challenge.
Emily blogs about quilts and patterns she creates and also hosts a monthly series on Japanese quilts.
Me, my mom and my Aunt Peggy.
Amy G. and I outside the GRB, on our way to Preview Night.

I was thrilled to meet up with Noriko Endo, a truly gifted quilt artist from Japan. During one of her afternoon's "off" from her busy teaching schedule at the International Quilt Festival, we visited the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange.
Gorgeous La Grange.
Noriko Endo inside her classroom, with Maggie Backman, the organizer of the whole Silk Experience series of classes. Maggie and her teachers have been offering these classes for 10 years at Festival.

The lovely (and fellow red head)  Lisa L. stopped by!

My dear friend Nancy S. (yet another red head!) took time to come see the quilt extravaganza.
And last but certainly not least.... today I attended the luncheon with Jo Packham, the founder and creator of "Where Women Create." Her presentation was funny, poignant, and so real! She made me cry and laugh and I am truly inspired by her story. She was also incredibly kind! There must have been 500 people at this luncheon, but she came out to greet us all as we stood in line and stood around after for photos and chatting afterwards. A class act, for sure!

Me and Jo Packham, founder and creator of "Where Women Create."
I feel so blessed and lucky... and completely inspired. Now I'm ready to go make more quilts!


  1. Oh, Teresa… what a fun event! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences at the Quilt Fest. Your pics are great!

  2. Hello! We're twins - both with read hair and glasses!
    I'm planning and hoping to go to Houston next year, maybe we can meet.
    What a wonderful time it looks like you had!