Mar 15, 2014

the city quilter... and quilts at the train station, so New York

How many quilters have taken this selfie? This is The City Quilter, in Chelsea, 'smack dab' in the middle of Manhattan. The store carries a great selection of fabrics and next door the owners feature an art quilt gallery.

The City Quilter has become a 'destination' quilt shop... and because so many people visit from all over, the store carries a proprietary line of New York themed fabrics.  They recently teamed up with American Patchwork and Quilting to host a juried competition for quilters. The challenge was to use their New York fabrics in a quilt, and to depict the theme of the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Station in New York.

The winning quilts went up today in the gift shop / Grand Central Annex right in Grand Central. Its great to see quilts being shown in such public spaces... textiles can be such creative expressions... and not something most people expect to see at the train station.

This abstract one is one of my favorites... it's based on the Grand Central ceiling.

And here's a detailed shot. Love the quilting on this one... and the colors are such an interesting and creative way to use the themed fabric.

I also really love this one... so much movement. To me it has a folk art feel.

And this is one of the winning quilts... not grand prize, first or second. I can't remember exactly... but there is a link to APQ site at the bottom on this post for all the real details.

I snapped these pictures of Grand Central today with my camera phone. The lovely clock is the centerpiece of several of these quilts.

Here's the link to All People Quilt


  1. Super cool!! Thanks for showing us:))

    1. Thanks Lori. You never know if this stuff is interesting to anyone else but me... but the show was a little different and I had fun taking pictures. So there you have it. Thanks for the comment.