Mar 25, 2014

Celtic Cross work in progress - the beginning

I've started a whole new project. I'm making a white on white Celtic Cross.

But first, I have to share this lovely sky outside my sewing room studio this morning.

Now back to the cross... This one is going to be quite different from anything else I have done. I do love color and just bought a ton of new colorful abstract prints, but I find myself drawn to minimalism more and more. So, this white on white idea just rose above all the other ideas waiting to be quilted.

I am 'piecing' the entire background with one-inch white squares. It seems like when I first learned quilting and made traditional quilts, I pieced things all the time, but I think it has been YEARS since I pieced anything. So even though it is quite repetitive, and the squares are small, it has been fun so far. I am going for a mosaic white tile look for the background.

The cross will be one piece of fabric and I am going to hand appliqué the Celtic motif on top and hand stuff it (in other words make it trapunto) as I go along.

This is a black/white (low res) print out from the original photo. I had the image enlarged and printed out gray scale at FedEx. Then I cut out the cross so I could work with it and replicate it. This paper cross is temporarily hanging on my design wall. The cross is about 50 inches long - and this is the actual size.

For the circle that goes around the cross, (not pictured here) I am going to leave that whole area open (no backing or batting) and I am going to braid three strands to encircle the cross. The braid will also have open space... so when I hang it on the wall, you will see the wall through this part of the quilt. The idea is to create a halo effect around the circle.

I don't know how long this one will take... quite a while I suspect. I think it has potential to be a really interesting piece when it is done.  We'll see. I will update my progress again in a week or so.

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  1. I love the idea of the pieced background- I too find myself going away from some of the more traditional aspects of quilting and I find I miss it sometimes!

  2. Hi Shannon. Good to hear from you. Yes, the piecing is fun. Hoping it gives it a cool background.

  3. This sounds like a good plan. There's something very soothing about minimalist quilting.

    1. Thanks Karen. I am hoping the details will really stand out against the white on white background. Apprecciate you stopping by.