Dec 12, 2018

waiting... waiting... why not make a quilt?

While I try to wait patiently for the arrival of my new book... I decided to make a new quilt. Of course, right? Like all good quilters, there are dozens of quilts in my head just waiting to come to life. For this one, I chose something I've never done before.

When I was in Lincoln in October giving a lecture on Yoshiko Jinzenji, the IQSCM had an exhibition of cheddar quilts. My first thought was that this exhibit would be a bit limiting, but I walked through it anyway, and I found myself riveted to the color palette and the beautiful quilts. Especially this one!

The exhibition is "Cheddar Quilts from the Joanna S. Rose Collection."

Pattern is Rising Sun or Circle Saw. Sadly, the maker's name is unknown. Made 1890-1900, probably in the Southern U.S. Hand pieced, hand quilted.

The museum article highlights this quote from Joanna - perhaps my favorite quote of the year!

"I am not a collector. I am a treasure hunter. A collector always wants to better a collection. I buy only what I like and for no other reason. Quilts look better when you have a lot of them."

So... I decided to recreate this incredibly original quilt from 1890! I have never done this before... but this awesome color palette and cool design just seems so modern. 

I am taking my time... why not? I decided to make the pieces in applique rather than trying to figure out all that intricate piecing. The applique also gives it an added dimension. 

Four blocks done so far...

For the "how to" part... First, all edges are turned under! I am using a combination of freezer paper or Templar templates, covering the seam allowance with a healthy swab of Magic sizing, then iron the edge over the template to make sharp points and perfectly round circles. 

After the shape is formed, I cut a matching piece of Misty Fuse and then fused the pieces to the foundation. Its a bit painstaking... and there is probably a better way... but in order to have the edge turned, this seemed the most logical technique.

The blocks will be 18 inches finished. Colors are a rich, deep red, charcoal and cheddar. Unlike the original quilter, I will machine quilt this one and I can't wait to get to it! More to come...


  1. How fun to interpret the construction in your own favorite methods. They both look lovely.

    1. Thanks Ann. Half the fun is the construction, right? Can't wait to start quilting it! Thanks as always for your nice comments. Teresa