Nov 29, 2018

new book coming on American cotton and quilts

2018 was a busy year on the writing front. I actually finished two manuscripts --- and completed the design and self-publishing for one of them.

"American Cotton: Farm to Quilt" will be published by Third Floor Quilts and available in Feb!

This 156-page book is filled with beautiful images and quilts! It tells the story of the American cotton farmer and where all that cotton grown on American soil goes, plus the ins and outs of America's textile industry and quilting cotton.

Several companies and intrepid entrepreneurs who buy and are 'making' with American cotton are featured. And quilters will also learn the ways the quilters before us shopped for their beloved cotton fabric.

Tons of new and old gorgeous quilts featuring American cotton!

I'm so proud of this new book and I can't wait to share it.

More on the 2nd book later - it will be released in September or October of 2019 - and published by Schiffer Publishing.

"American Cotton: Farm to Quilt" will be available for pre-order here soon.

It will also be available in quilt stores and online.


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    1. Thank you Maria! Can't wait for the book to be available.

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    1. Shannon: Thanks a million. Such a long process.... but can't wait to share the book with the world.

  3. Sounds exciting. Congrats on the book.

    1. Thanks Kris. I appreciate your comment... it is exciting indeed!