Oct 23, 2018

days on the cotton farm

The days are crazy right now. I'm working night and day on a new book, so I haven't done much quilting or blogging. My new book has taken me all over the U.S. in the last 4 weeks - visited textile and printing mills in the Carolinas; toured a bunch of cotton farms in West Texas and several other cotton related stops; and I went to Seattle to visit the Warm Company which makes cotton batting (more on that later)! All this is for my new book - "American Cotton: Farm to Quilt" - due out in Feb. of 2019.

These farmers are studying an organic cotton field in West Texas... where the soil is dry and dusty.,, but this is soil cotton loves.


Quilters are passionate consumers of 100% cotton! So while in town, I visited the quilt shop, of course. I had great fun visiting a quilting group that meets at the Sewing Studio in Lubbock. Everyone was hard at work... and several of these ladies live on or near cotton farms in the region.

Met a peacock at an restaurant one evening!

Love these storm clouds over farmland. The force of nature.

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  1. What a terrific, hands-on experience, especially for your book. Looking forward to reading it!