Jul 11, 2018

conquering fear to create something special

Teresa Duryea Wong. Quilt top made with antique Japanese fabric. 2018. 70 x 70 inches. All cotton.
Just finished this quilt top. I conquered my fears about cutting into this very special, and very old fabric. All of the fabric in this quilt top came from Japan. The majority of it is antique, 100+ years old. Some of it is vintage, couple decades old. And a few pieces are new fabric. I've been collecting all this fabric for years during my many visits. I purchased some of it at quilt festivals, some directly from dealers, a few pieces were gifts, and I bought a lot of it at temple markets.

For me, every piece of fabric is a very special part of my quilt journey.

I haven't made a traditional style quilt in a long time, but I am very happy with the way this turned out. Before I started cutting, I drew out my pattern. I wanted to make sure I was showcasing these beautiful fabrics, and didn't want to cut them too small. 

Most importantly, I'm thrilled these gorgeous fabrics are no longer sitting in a box... it took a lot of courage to cut them. But I think it was worth it... now they will live on in this new shape.

Next I will start on the quilting. Thinking of hand-quilting it with hand-dyed indigo sashiko thread.


  1. Lovey combination of indigo fabrics.
    I would be willing to give your scraps and a home. Anything bigger than what can be used to 'wrap 3 beans'.

    1. Hi Rita. If I ever get tired of the scraps, I will be sure to let you know. Right now, I don't think I could part with them!! Thanks for taking time to look at this quilt top and post. Teresa

  2. It is so difficult to cut our most special fabric. Congratulations on your bravery. It's beautiful.

    1. Ann: Its crazy and funny. The thing we quilters do is cut up fabric! Yet, some fabric we can't cut. No one outside the quilt world could even begin to understand this. As always, thanks for taking time to read this and comment! Teresa