Nov 18, 2017

tiny Tokyo boutique and a foreigner who recognized the handwoven Japanese cotton

I was wandering around a multi-story shopping mall in Tokyo in September, when I happened to see this little kimono fabric shop. I walked directly the the shelf and touched the gorgeous Ise Momen handwoven cotton.

The shop assistant did not speak English, but she was quite surprised when I said the name of this traditional handwoven cotton.

I showed her the post card for my book... her surprise was precious.

While researching my book, I visited the very place where this beautiful cotton is made. The family has been weaving this same cotton for many generations - and in fact, they are the last weaver still in business in this region of Japan.

Ise Momen is woven form 100% American cotton thread... which make it all the more special for me. The beautiful pastel patterns have been passed down from generation to generation. There is no need for updating.

Many women and professional seamstresses travel from all over to visit the showroom where Ise Momen is made. They buy rolls to make their own kimono and other clothing, bags, etc.

There is an entire chapter in my new book about the Japan's traditional woven cottons.

Living the life of a researcher (and maker) is so wonderful. I feel incredibly lucky to have spent time in the Ise Momen workshop.

And I could not stop smiling at the fact that all my time, research and investment brought my eye right to the shelf where this beautiful cotton was sitting.

Love Japan!

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  1. I enjoy beautiful textiles the way some enjoy fine art. Well, come to think of it textiles are art, but I was thinking of items that are in museums .....