Oct 5, 2017

Japan travel: looking back on my favorite Kyoto walk

There is so much to see and do in Kyoto, especially for textile lovers. History and traditional crafts are everywhere.

Its almost overwhelming to know where to go and what to do next. If you want to go some place quiet and peaceful... I highly recommend taking a break and walking Kyoto's Path of Philosophy (Tetsugaku-no-Michi).

The Path is pedestrian only ... and it runs along a narrow canal. The main part is about 1.8 kilomters - from Ginkaku-ji (the Silver Temple) to the Nanzen-ji temple.

Its lined with cherry blossom trees, so from April to May it is supposed to be spectacular, but also more crowded.

My visit was during the first week of September, and I went in the morning on a weekday and there were very few people on the path. It was hot, but also very peaceful.

The Path of Philosophy is named in honor of a philosophy professor who took this path to Kyoto University everyday.  There are dozens of historic temples and shrines along the path and its easy to visit them along the way.

There are also small shops and restaurants, if you want to stop and relax.

My new favorite Kyoto sight is the Silver Temple! Its gorgeous, especially the garden which is hidden away in the back. The pond and the landscaping are incredibly green and lush. This is was Japanese landscaping and gardening is all about.

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