Jun 5, 2017

finished: 'i heart dogs with glasses' (an imrov quilt)

Teresa Duryea Wong. 2017. "I Heart Dogs with Glasses" Cotton fabric and Japanese print, improv piecing, machine quilted. 60 x 65 inches.
Its finished!My improv quilt made with dog with glasses - fabric from Japan.

I saw this fabric last year at the Houston International Quilt Festival and bought a bunch of it in different colorways. If you gonna' go for 'dogs with glasses' fabric you need the whole collection, right?

Each dog and each block is cut improv - no rules and no plan, really. I love the freedom of piecing this way. I machine quilted it in black (used almost an entire spool of Aurifil! - and if you know how big one Aurifil spool is, then you know how amazing that is!)

Each time I picked up one of these silly dogs to sew it or iron it, they made me smile. It was a very amusing project.... totally fun... no serious thoughts or worries.

The world can go its own way! I made a quilt with dogs wearing glasses.


  1. Cute! I like your mix of prints and solids, stripes and made-stripes. structure and free-form. All the fun you had shows in this happy quilt. Congratulations.

    1. Hi Ann. Thanks a million for the comments. I know you love improv too! I am not that great at it, but I did have fun and loved making a new "fabric" by piecing. As always, thanks for reading this post.... I am hoping to do a better job keeping my blog updated. Just need a few more hours in the day!
      Take care, Teresa

  2. Hi Teresa, your quilt is adorable. I really like your black lines. It's unifying. It's so freeing and fun to just improvise and do as you wish. Congrats on a fun and lovely quilt!

    1. Thank you so much Andree! Yes, improv is so fun. I've been distracted with so many other things and haven't quilted as much as I'd like. So it was quite fun to get back to it! My poor blog has been neglected too... so thanks for checking out this post and taking time to comment. That means a lot.
      Take care,

  3. Love this! I just found your blog after seeing your classes in the Quiltcon 2018 catalog. Are you on Instagram, too?

    1. Hi there. You are so nice to look me up. Yes, I am on IG as third_floor_quilts
      And my website is: teresaduryeawong.com
      I can't wait till QuiltCon. Very excited to be part of the faculty!
      See you there. Teresa