Jul 14, 2016

any quilters in Mauritius?

The Internet is a weird thing.

Every now and then, I check the 'stats' on my blog to see what's up. There's a ton of information there and its interesting to see how many people visit and what part of the world they're from. Usually, its pretty routine. But this week, I have more visitors from Mauritius than I do from the United States. Mauritius, seriously?

Wonder how many quilters are out there in Mauritius... in the middle of the Indian Ocean, next to well, nothing. Look it up... its a tiny speck of a place. Beautiful, but tiny.

What do they want with me and my little blog? Maybe there's a cruise ship near by and on it are a bunch of quilters, and all at once, the quilters and all their friends visited my blog? Hmmmm....

Or maybe I'll get one of those letters from Africa... only, this one will say...

"The Honorable Princess from Mauritius has been studying your blog. She is very impressed and she went to your site many times. Now, just for you, she has a special investment opportunity. No money is requried... just send fabric...The Honorable Princess wants to learn to sew!" Fun, huh?

That would be a great story, wouldn't it? A more likely story is trolls. But, given that the "page views" are coming from such a weird place, I can't help but picture trolls like these guys.

I am sure I had several of these same trolls in the '60s.

Well, Internet, after Mauritius is done with me, what's next?


  1. Mauritius visited me also. If you look up Mauritius you will see it is an amazing place. Here is an excerpt from my blog:
    Mauritius is an interesting place. It is a small island about 1200 miles off the coast of Madagascar. It seems like a wonderful place per Wikipedia. Not only is it beautiful, it is diverse in people, religions, languages and has a very democratic parliamentary style government and a very tolerant population with a nice standard of living. People there are poly lingual-Both French and English are spoken in Parliament. It is also the home of the extinct Dodo bird and an important island in the Indian Ocean trade.
    pam at https://pamspaintbox.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Maybe Astrid (http://grandmasredneedle.blogspot.com/) has been visiting a lot! (I googled Mauritius quilter)