May 16, 2016

so, just how sharp are those Kai scissors?

Kai makes a mean pair of scissors. Like 'Kill Bill' Samurai sharp scissors.

So sharp that I sliced open my finger today.

It was actually much worse than this little band aid makes it out to be! It was so alarming that the dog was quite concerned... the husband not so much.

I was using these little beauties to cut a simple piece of ultra firm stabilizer. I had drawn a line on the stablizer with a marker that evaporates (you know, the famous purple one). The marker left some residue on the blades... and we don't want that on our beautiful scissors! That is not cool. So I used a scrap piece of ultra firm stablizer to wipe it off. I swear my finger was no where near that blade. Did I mention that the stablizer was ultra firm?

Visions of rushing to the ER where Dr. McDreamy might stitch me up floated through my head. But alas, the drama subsided and I live another day.

Gotta love scissors so sharp they cut when you least expect it. 

Kai. Made in Japan. Need I say more?


  1. So glad you're okay! But hand injuries are miserable for sewing and typing. . . I hope it heals quickly!!

  2. Coming from one who is always having accidents...this does not surprise me!! Nor does your husbands reaction! My husband is so use to my mishaps, nothing phases him anymore! Heal quickly Teresa!

  3. We are a pair, Teresa. I cut myself badly with my Kai scissors. The merest glance was so deep and bled to profusely, I used butterfly bandages to hold it together. Obviously we should switch to kids' safety scissors!