Nov 21, 2015

giving thanks with quilts

Since I've spent the past few years making quilts to hang on the wall, I often forgo the simple pleasure of making a quilt to use.

So I am determined to use all this beautiful fabric that I bought so many years ago.

God knows I certainly have enough fabric to make a hundred quilts!

Here's my plan. I've started making simple, timeless, pieced quilts and I am determined to give them away to people I love. I am determined to show some love with quilts. 

How am I doing? 
Three quilts so far out of the stash and into new hands. 
Three quilts making others happy. Three quilts that'll get a lot of love!

The stash! 

This red/blue quilt in the first picture in this post was given to my Aunt Polly and Uncle Paul. They're retired military family and I had a lovely stash of muted red and blue fabric and some matching patriotic prints. All brand new fabrics, sitting there waiting for me for years.

This quilt in the picture above was made from some of my Moda stash that I used to make a large lap quilt for my niece Mindy. This photo was taken at MD Anderson Cancer Center where Mindy has started treatment. I hope this cozy cotton quilt helps make those days slightly more tolerable. Hang in there Mindy!

More of my Moda stash went to yet another warm and cozy quilt that I gave to my Aunt Peggy. She is recovering from some health issues. Also, turns out the quilt matches the warm colors in her home, so I think this quilt will be loved.

From the looks of my new shelves... there is still plenty of fabric sitting there waiting to be used! Stay tuned... and since this is the time of year to give thanks, I'm actually very grateful that I have all this beautiful fabric now because it is the perfect opportunity to make quilts to share.


  1. Showing love through quilt giving is very powerful, a gift which keeps on giving.

  2. I too have put most of my ‘wall quilt art’ on hold for awhile and have dug into my stash……hoping to warm the hearts of others!!

  3. Teresa- I did a very similar thing last December. I called it the Great Alaska Quilt Out and I finished 12 UFO's. It was a great feeling. Looks like you are on your way. Happy Holidays to you and your family Teresa!

  4. Beautiful, and wonderful idea!! I need to do that too!

  5. Good for you. It's easy to forget why we started quilting - for me, it was to enfold my family in love. Now I make quilts for special events, too. Keep the fabric moving!

  6. That's a wonderful plan Teresa! Godspeed !