Apr 15, 2015

let the quilting begin

Here are the very first stitches on my Japanese inspired double wedding ring quilt. 

One of the standard parts of my thought process when I start any new project --- is to check out my Leah Day 400 FMQ designs book for inspiration. If I find something there, sometimes I go to her site and watch the video of how she stitches that design. God... I love the internet.

The design in the purple border is pattern #265 and I really like how it turned out.  Seems natural, dense, yet not too distracting. At least to me, anyway,

You may be wondering... where's the Japanese inspiration? Its actually an interesting story. I blogged about this before... but here's the short version. This DWR (double wedding ring) was inspired by an improv DWR made by Keiko Goke (and featured in "500 Traditional Quilts" by Karey Bresenhan). I set out to make one like hers... no patterns, no rulers... just cut and sew and go.

All of the print fabrics in my DWR are designed by Keiko Goke! I love the color and the vibrancy of these prints. I spent at least a month covering the rings in hand embroidery. Better pictures soon... This quilt is so heavy and so big - not to mention I am using a wool batting - and I have been quilting on it for 2 solid days - and now I am worn out, especially my arms. At least I got some excercise today.

The centers are wool. Lovin' this spiral design.

When I finish this, it will be one of the quilts for my small trunk show of Japanese inspired quilts that will travel with me on my book tour - starting in May and going through 2016! So excited and honored by the quilt guilds who've invited me so far.

Stay tuned.


  1. Love that quilting design and I'm so excited to see your progress on this!

  2. You got my attention! Color! This is going to be so gorgeous. The quilting is amazing and perfect! I hear you on loving the internet...I think I would have given up on quilting long ago if not for the wealth of information you can find there!

  3. great quilting designs. love that basketweave