Oct 17, 2014

can't we all get along? apple, google, android, ios... what's a blogger to do?

My blog sits Blogger. My mobile device of choice is an iPad.

These two mega entities do not play well together.

Snap a pic on the iPad and then try to post that on your blog? Oh boy, you're in for a real treat... not a fun one either. It takes an act of Congress to make this work, and the IOS to Blogger photo thingy is just one of the many problems between these two worlds.

Seriously, can't we all just get along? ... Apple, Google, Android, IOS, Blogger... on and on ... Technology has made amazing leaps. Some things are so simple. And then, some things are very tedious.

I give up. I'm goin' all Google, all Android, all PC. Whatever.

Don't get me wrong. I am not one of those people who love or hate Apple or any other brands. I just like things that work. And for me right now, I want to be able to update my blog, add photos, read my email, buy stuff, text and Skype my kids, listen to my music and podcasts on real speakers with no wires... and I don't care what brand does that best.

So, I bought this yesterday, the Samsung Tab S android tablet - 10.5 inches of pure beauty. Yes, prettier than the iPad.
Sorry Apple. Going Android - more choices and more devices that get along with each other!

Cuz, really, life is short. You make me make these choices! Can't we all just get along?


  1. I have a Galaxie Tab 3 and my new phone is a Galaxie S5 - LOVE them both! You will be very happy with your choice!

    1. Thanks Karin. As you know, its a lot of work to transfer and rebuild all your favorites, but I am pretty excited. Always motivating to switch to something new. I appreciate your comments!

  2. I have had all 3... at one time and the communicating issues were numerous. I use a Windows computer, I had an early Android Tablet (just upgraded to a new Galaxy Tab 4)
    an iPhone (just switched back to Galaxy S5). The only way I ever got all of the different devices to work together was to use Google!!! Wait until you get an Android phone, much cooler features!!!