Feb 9, 2014

fabric stash update - treasures from Japan

Tokyo is having the worst snow storm they've seen in 45 years! Wow... I left there just in time. And... I managed to come home with lots of goodies stashed in my very heavy suitcase.

Years ago, I bought one very small strip of fabric from an antique kimono. It is a beautiful silk, pinkish in color, but is pretty small. It's been sitting all alone in my stash for quite some time. No more!

If you've read my blog recently, you'll already know I spent several weeks in Japan for a special project... and to attend the Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival. I was so inspired (partially overwhelmed in fact!) by the work of so many great quilters. And I saw a lot of quilters making use of vintage kimono fabric (and other typical Japanese fabrics)... so I decided it was time to add to the one lone piece in my stash and start a collection of vintage kimono fabrics.  Here's what I ended up with... I tended to gravitate toward the reds.

Thrilled with these pieces. Can't wait to work them into future art quilts!