Dec 2, 2013

a quilt store a little closer to Heaven

It's rare to visit someplace today and still find something local.

But one thing us quilters can be thankful for (especially this time of year) is that the vast majority of quilt stores are still individually owned and operated... and that means they're truly 'local.'  Very few places can claim that these days... maybe a few restaurants and bars, and odd places like bike shops and boutiques. Outside of that, most of the retail world is more generic, run by corporate, big box stores.

Maybe that's why shopping for fabric is still so much fun. You never know exactly what you'll find!

At this particular quilt store... what you'll find is a setting that might make you feel, well, a little closer to Heaven!
Heavenly Treasures, Pawnee City, Nebraska
Heavenly Treasures calls itself the "best little quilt shop this side of Heaven" and you'll find this modest jewel in the former First Baptist Church in the small town of Pawnee City, Nebraska.

I love discovering and writing about quilt stores. My last blog post about an extraordinary and out of the way quilt store was a one-woman shop on the edge of Texas just a few miles from the border with Mexico.

Heavenly Treasures, on the other hand, is 'smack dab' near the center of America, and sits in a place that's about as fresh-faced and unexpected as they come.

Pawnee City is only a 90-minute drive from the International Quilt Studies Center & Museum in Lincoln. If you're ever visiting the area and want to see a bit of this corner of Nebraska, its well worth the trip.

The store still feels a lot like a church... you'll browse for fabrics underneath huge stained glass windows and the original high ceiling... and you'll find the ironing board sitting in a true place of honor: The Altar!

As the story goes... membership of the church was declining so the leadership wanted to sell the building. But rather than tear it down to build something modern, or worse let it decay from neglect, the new owners of this former church have re-purposed an old building and given it a whole new life. And judging from the slow but steady customer visits, it appears to have a bright future. 

The Heavenly Treasures ironing board has
found a place of honor, right there on the altar!

Heavenly Treasures is filled with wonderful quilt fabrics (these fabrics are the real deal! something for everyone... Stonehenge... Judy Rothermel... Kaufman batiks... lots of great Modas...etc.) and notions, plus a few other stitching goods, books, finished quilts, the list goes on.

Thank you Heavenly Treasures for serving Nebraskans... and for serving the rest of us who stop by every now and then for a divine shopping experience. 

Most of all, thank you for staying local!

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