Nov 26, 2013

i've been interviewed. no joke!

Remember Steve Martin's famous movie line... "I'm famous... I'm in the phone book!"

Well, I'm not famous, but I have been interviewed for a blog that's way better than the phone book!

Heather, a fellow blogger, has included me in her "Inside the Artists Studio" series.  Her blog features interviews with artists and photos of their creative spaces... and the interviews center on how they organize those spaces and their work.

A bit intimidating to apply the label of artist to myself... but nonetheless I'm thrilled to be included!  Here's the link - interview and photos:

Lots of other artists have been featured here... and there are some very cool spaces here, not to mention interesting humans. So spend some time reading and seeing.

Thanks Heather!


  1. Terrific interview. I am impressed with your organizational skills, and of course your art!

  2. Mary: You are very kind. Thanks for taking time to comment on the interview!