Oct 19, 2013

next... tribute to Alexander Calder

Yesterday, I had one of those abandon ship moments.

The painted bird art quilt (see previous post) I spent so much time on was starting to look like a high school art project, so I had to abandon it. Actually, I've seen some pretty cool art from high schoolers these days... so mine might be looking more like a kiddie camp project.

Time to put it away and move on.

This one has been on my top 10 list for quite a while --- I'm paying tribute to Alexander Calder!

The small picture on the right is a computer print out of a picture of a Calder textile, and on the left is my finished quilt top. I plan to start quilting this today and am excited about the possibilities.

A year ago, quilt historian Barbara Brackman wrote a blog post about Calder's textile works (most were made towards the end of his life - 1960-1970's). If you want to learn more, here's a link. Barbara's blog has really interesting information on the history of textiles.

I'm also linking up to creative art quilt community at Nina Marie's blog.

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