Sep 10, 2013

new blog, new gallery

Hi readers. Welcome to my new site:

I've gone pro! Or, I should say: I am attempting to go pro with a more professional blog space... and better yet, more focused content.

To launch my new blog... here is a photo gallery of a some of my latest original designs. Enjoy!

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Before I go too far though, I have to stop and say thanks to the husband for all his love and support (and all the 'you go girl's), to the daughter for helping with creative inspiration, and to the nephew (the patient one in Austin!) for helping me navigate all the tricky web url stuff.

Thanks a million guys!


More to come... stay tuned.


  1. Your quilt design looks like paintings. You bring quilting art to a brand new level. Love it!

  2. Thanks Ming for your kind comments. I'm enjoying the process... and keep wanting to try new things.